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Authentic South East Asia Recipes

Johor Bahru's Asian Restaurant & Catering Services

We offers a wide variety of food including traditional Malay, Chinese, Nyonya, Thai, Japanese, Western food and many more.The company strives to always provide exceptional quality of food catering services by exceeding the customer satisfaction.

Halal Certified

In order to comply with the local rules and regulations, all of our ingredients are certified by the Malaysian government that they meet the Halal requirements and standards.

Catering Services

Whether you’re hosting a Party Celebration, Business Function or Wedding, or High-Tea Session, Storey Ria Catering has you covered. We deliver everything to you.


Our Story Begins In 1991

It was all started from a Nasi Lemak Hawker Stall at Jalan Keris,Johor Bahru in 1991.  Freshly steamed Nasi Lemak with the intense flavour of coconut milk wrap with hand-picked banana leaf, not to mentioned the tender of boiled egg, the crunchiness of fried anchovies and peanuts, the freshness of slices cucumber; together they make a mouthful of grandma's flavour.


Storey Ria was established in 1991, has been emphasizing on the origin of the food presented, colour, fragrance and flavour. Avoid adding extra seasoning, everything is cooked by heart to fulfill the criteria of being 'Authentic' and 'Healthy'.

We want nothing but the warmth in every consumer's appetite.


"If we wouldn’t serve it to our families, we’re not going to serve it to yours."

Storey Ria Catering Services Team

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