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招牌红麴叉烧鸡 Marinated Honey Chicken Char Siew ±150 Gram

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我们红麴叉烧鸡的红色细致得总让人误以为是食用色素的成果。其实,它的红是来自100%安全食用的红麴粉加以自然上色,不仅好看也好闻。这道料理是特意为所有人设计的,当然也包括穆斯林,旨在将美味的叉烧香气带入每户家庭中! 尝过我们的叉烧鸡后,您就会知道叉烧酱和猪肉其实并不是绝配!

The red in our Marinated Honey Chicken Char Siew is too delicate to always have people mistaken it for food coloring. In fact, it’s the 100% safe-to-eat red yeast powder that gives it the nice and pleasant touch of natural color. The dish is purposely created for everyone, including Muslim, aiming at bringing the savory Char Siew to every household! You’ll instantly find that Char Siew sauce and pork are no longer the perfect match once you’ve tasted our Char Siew Chicken!

Important Notes:


✏️1) All products are made to order, Fresh & Taste are Guaranteed.
✏️2) All of our products are freshly made daily and no preservatives & coloring added.
✏️3) Please refrigerate our products at once you have received the items.
✏️4) No preservatives. Please keep in Freezer for storage at all times, it could last for 1 Month.
✏️5) Been serving our Products since 1991, this is our signature product, as well as the hot sale item.
✏️6) JB Fast Shipping - We will try our best to ship out within 1 to 3 business working days (Except Sunday & Public Holiday)
✏️7) All of our products are Jakim Halal Certified.
✏️8) All goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


☑️Brand: Storey Ria Catering Services
☑️Product: Marinated Honey Chicken Char Siew
☑️Weight: ±150 - 200 Gram Net Weight
☑️Suggested Serving: 1 - 2 Pax
☑️Mode of Storage : Frozen
☑️Expiry:Last for 1 Month
☑️Type: Homemade, No preservatives
☑️Ingredients: 1 Chicken Thigh, Honey, Red Yeast & Etc

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