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超棒蘑菇橄榄油烹煮酱 The Best Japanese Mushroom All-Purpose Cook Sauce

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✅Halal Certified

Can you believe we only choose the mushroom Frrom Japan? (Shitake Mushroom) 💯🇯🇵
您知道我们只选用日本进口蘑菇嘛? (Shitake Mushroom) 💯🇯🇵

This sauce is widely used for🍳
Pasta Cooking (Aglio-Olio) 🍝 / Rice Cooking (Fusion Fried Rice) 🍚 / Creative Cuisine Cooking 🥘
意式橄榄油面 🍝 / 混合式炒饭 🍚 / 创意料理 🥘

We use only :
🍄Original Imported Japanese Shitake Mushroom - 天然进口日式蘑菇
🍄Imported Mushroom Oil - 进口蘑菇烹饪油
🍄Easy to Cook recipe - 超简单烹饪食谱
🍄100% Gourmet Natural - 百分百纯天然
🍄Made to orders, Freshness Guaranteed - 按订单生产,保证新鲜

🍃Say No to Preservatives, 无添加防腐剂
🍃Say No to Flavoring Essence, 无添加香精
🍃Say No to Artificial Coloring 无添加一滴人工色素

200 Net weight
Smaller Bottle means fresher products!
We encourage customers to buy what you need, we want our customers to have our product freshest quality possible! 🍄👨‍🍳

🍄Ingredients: 成分:
Japanese Shitake Mushroom, Sea Salt, Sugar, Imported Mushroom Oil , That's all!

Thinking to have a fast and easy pasta/rice/cuisine to celebrate your special day?
Search no more! This 1991 recipe, will save your day!
Just add in 1 full soup spoon of our Japanese Mushroom sauce + your ideal ingredients!
TA-DA! 5 Stars dining restaurant food experience!

Give it a try today and you will know what's the real deal of this Japanese Mushroom Sauce All purpose cook sauce! - George 😍🔥
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