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Our Daily Fresh Produce - Homemade Nyonya Kueh Baba

All of our Signature Nyonya Kueh Baba are Freshly made by hand every day!

To stand out from other competitors, our Nyonya Kueh Baba are still produce with old/traditional ways. From measuring fresh ingredients/flour/fresh coconut, prepping tapioca/glutinous rice and steam to perfection. Do try out our Nyonya Kueh Baba if you get a chance! ;)

Picture Attached Above: Ubi Sago w/ Fresh Coconut Flakes.

Picture Attached Above: Kueh Tako wrapped w/ Pandan Leaves.

Picture Attached Above: Gula Melaka Kueh Kosoi w/ Fresh Coconut Flakes.

Picture Attached Above: Black Glutinous Ondeh-Ondeh. (Gula Melaka Fillings)

Picture Attached Above: Pandan Seri Muka w/ Glutinous Rice.

Picture Attached Above: Kueh Koci w/ Coconut Flakes. ( Served w/ Gula Melaka )

Thank you for your time and feel free to come back to our refreshing and tantalizing blog anytime for more delicious updates! Storey Ria Hope to Serve you Very Soon!

Lots of Love! :)

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